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We will continuously leap forward to become a leader in the biotech industry.


Identity of Insilicogen, Inc.

Unlike “In vivo” and “In vitro”, “In silico” means using silicon chip or computer to study complex life phenomena.
Insilicogen is a combination of “In silico” and “-gen”. This means creating a new generation of values and ages by simulating and researching life with computers.

Korean and English Logo

The symbol shapes chromosome, representing human sources, and implies the will of the Insilicogen.

English logo

Korean logo

English type logo

Color Guide

A combination of ‘Green’ and ‘Blue’ implies the fusion of BT(Biological technology) and IT(Informational technology). And, ‘Grey’ represents moderation and modesty.
C63 Y79
C92 M57 Y12
C5 K50