new era for bioinformatics
We will provide various contents suited for the new era.

Data Breeding

The Future of the seed industry lies within the data generated through digital breeding technologies.

Insilicogen will harness data breeding to uncover high-value resources in the fields of pharmaceuticals, bioproducts, and energy, extending beyond "seeds," which are the fundamental source of sustenance. We are dedicated to integrating biological information, big data, and AI technology to discover novel seeds in silico, relentlessly seeking the foundational value for the future bio-industry.

We offer optimal services for data breeding. Through specialized consulting in data breeding, we provide tailored services that match the customer's situation and needs.



Effective Selective Breeding is feasible through data breeding.


Time to acquire economic trait will be reduced.

Animal Husbandry

Optimal characteristics will be maintained through the simulation of crossbreeding.


DataBreeding_ex_icon_01 Phenotype-genotype integrated data analysis
  • Genotyping and SNP chip development
  • RIL population variant exploration
  • Elite lineage variant exploration and inter-lineage relatedness estimation
  • Group analysis - PCA, STRUCTURE, Phylogeny
  • MABC marker discovery and construction of phenotype-genotype database
DataBreeding_ex_icon_02 Machine learning for trait prediction
  • Genotype-phenotype association marker search (GWAS/FST)
  • Calculation of heritability index for each marker
  • Establishment of a machine learning phenotype prediction model
DataBreeding_ex_icon_03 Breeding simulation
  • Calculation of breeding value (GBLUP, ssBLUP, rrBLUP)
  • Calculation of valid group
  • Mating simulation and mating efficiency test


customized database construction

Standardized phenotype and genotype big data design and development

Phenotypic Prediction Modeling

Machine learning modeling for selection of superior individuals based on data breeding

Phenotypic Prediction

Genotype-based phenotypic prediction using machine learning models

Breeding Efficiency Prediction

Breeding guidelines for superior trait preservation

Customized Data Analysis

De novo decoding and beneficial gene discovery based on bioinformatics


Customized genotype analysis services for breeding optimization

Molecular Detection Kit

Development of rapid and economical molecular detection kits for economically important traits (quantitative traits, disease resistance, etc.)